The Iraqi army protects al-Hawija protesters

Tue Apr 30, 2013 21:31:30

A video of the incidents in al-Hawija region in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk disclosed the falsehood of claims raised by some parties who insist that security and army forces have attacked the protestors.

The video, which was pictured during the recent incidents in al-Hawija region, shows that army forces used all possible means to evacuate citizens from the site of clashes after they settled in a position close to armed men and terrorists, al-Alam News Channel reported on Monday.


The video also portrays the Iraqi forces’ attempts to help transfer the injured out of the clashes scene and quickly evacuate citizens from the reach of armed men’s gunshots.


In the wake of the al-Hawija incidents, some Iraqi and foreign trends, who seek chaos and crisis in the country, accused the Iraqi army and security forces of attacking the protestors.

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