“Terrorist attacks, aimed at Iraq unity”

“Terrorist attacks, aimed at Iraq unity”
Tue Apr 16, 2013 18:14:42

Candidates for provincial elections in Iraq hold that recent explosions in some Iraqi cities aim for undermining the unity of Iraq and attempting to create chaos in the county.

In an exclusive interview with al-Alam News Channel, the candidate for the State of Law Coalition Saad al-Matlabi said on Tuesday, “recent blasts are associated with the election. They are regarded as internal messages from al-Qaeda and its allied political forces. These forces, which seek to divide Iraq, have united with the aim of killing Shias.”


Further, the al-Alam correspondent in Iraq reported that Iraqi security and military forces had a massive turnout in the special phase of the election. This was to the surprise of those who had called for boycotting the election in an attempt to cause obstruction and distress. However, when they failed to mobilize people against the government, they chose to create insecurity and make people fear showing up at the polls.


“Such explosions aim to intimidate the citizens and prevent them from a massive and influential turnout in the election. Also, recent blasts seek to exert pressure on the government and force it to hold dialog with al-Anbar oppositions who hope to obtain an agreement regarding re-appointment of Baathists to their previous positions. Furthermore, some neighbor countries try to lead the election to failure,” Iraqi writer and analyst Ali al-Nashmi told al-Alam correspondent.


Ahead of provincial elections in Iraq, more than 20 car bombs exploded on Monday in different parts of Iraq which, according to security and medical sources, left nearly 50 people dead and more than 300 wounded.


Provincial elections in Iraq are due on Saturday, April 20.

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