Syria: Footage shows devastation of Raqqa in ruins [Video]

Wed Nov 15, 2017 09:09:37

The brutal horror wreaked upon the Syrian city of Raqqa is revealed in this devastating footage. Many buildings were destroyed during the US bombardments and SDF battle against Isis. Wreckage, burnt-out cars and piles of rubbish strewn across the streets of this war-ravaged city.


string(453) "[{"id":"3090576","sort":"10391126","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"150823725927197800.jpg","title":"Isis defeated in their Syrian capital Raqqa "} ,{"id":"3098021","sort":"10391121","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"150856897039049500.jpg","title":"SDF won’t hand over Raqqa to Syrian government "} ,{"id":"3104571","sort":"10391131","contenttypeid":"21","pic":"150883828318322900.jpg","title":"Under SDF rule, Raqqa can’t be called liberated: Syria "} ]"