Violence against Rohingya is WORSE than ISIS, filmmaker reveals

Violence against Rohingya is WORSE than ISIS, filmmaker reveals
Tue Nov 14, 2017 13:58:37

The journalist who has previously reported on Isis in Syria has claimed a massacre carried out against Rohingya Muslims is even worse after uncovering evidence of the murder of infants.

(express) -- Speaking on BBC's Newsnight, filmmaker Gabriel Gatehouse said: “I have reported on [Isis] in Syria and Iraq, but none of that really comes close.

“This is by far the most disturbing story I have ever covered.”

While making a filming investigating the fate of a village in Myanmar Mr Gatehouse uncovered a series of horrifying events, which he added were not an isolated incident.

His comments come as Theresa May said the current crisis in Myanmar "looks like ethnic cleansing".

Speaking at the Lord Mayor's Banquet, Mrs May said: "This is a major humanitarian crisis which looks like ethnic cleansing. And it is something for which the Burmese authorities - and especially the military - must take full responsibility.

It is extremely difficult to travel to the Rakhine State where the violence is taking place.

Mr Gatehouse instead spoke to survivors over the border in Bangladeshi refugee camps where they have fled and saw video evidence of atrocities.

The investigation focused on the events of a massacre in Tula Toli where residents believed they were safe after signing a ‘peace pact’.

Speaking to Newsnight said: “We are talking about mass murder mass rape, the killing of infants and of children.”

Soldiers entered the village on the morning of August 30 driving many villagers to flee to the river bank.

One survivor who managed to escape with one of his daughters while the rest of his family were lost revealed what he witnessed.

He said: “There were 150 soldiers from the Burmese military.

“They were shooting and burning the houses as they marched.”

The film includes disturbing footage filmed by survivors of Tula Toli and contains testimony of several survivors still baring the scars of the massacre.

Mr Gatehouse said: “It is not an isolated case it is the kind of thing that has been going on throughout the Rakhine State since the end of August and indeed continues to go on until this day.

“We are talking about whole villages being burnt, razed, ethnic cleansing in effect.

“This is violence that is perpetrated against a people who, in any case, have few the human rights that human beings would expect.”

Authorities in Myanmar have been accused of seizing on attacks carried out by militants in the region as an excuse for ethnic cleansing against the Rhoninga.

(Photo: Hundreds of thousands have fled over the border to Bangladesh. Getty)

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