Yemeni commanders inspect naval missiles at Hudaydah exhibition

Yemeni commanders inspect naval missiles at Hudaydah exhibition
Tue Nov 7, 2017 13:17:57

Senior Yemeni officials and military commanders of the Houthi Ansarullah movement have inspected domestically-manufactured naval missiles showcased by Yemen's armed forces at an exhibition in the western port city of Hudaydah.

(presstv) -- Saleh al-Sammad, the president of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, was among the officials visiting the exhibit, during which the missiles belonging to the country’s Navy and Coastguard were put on display, the official news agency Saba’ Net reported on Monday.

Speaking during the event, a senior Yemeni navy commander said the “high-precision” missiles, dubbed Mandab 1, were manufactured domestically.

Ansarullah, the national army and popular groups have joined forces to defend the country against an ongoing brutal military campaign launched in 2015 by the Saudi kingdom and a coalition of its allies with the aim of reinstalling the former Riyadh-backed government in Yemen.

Yemen’s stiff resistance has prevented Saudi Arabia from achieving the goals of war, despite spending billions of dollars and enlisting the cooperation of Western countries, particularly the US and the UK.

The exhibition was held a day after the Yemeni army said that it had targeted Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh with a long-distance Borkan H2 ballistic missile in retaliation for the Riydah regime’s bloody attacks.

The Saudi-led coalition, in a Sunday statement, put the blame for the missile strike on Iran, and unleashed threats against the Islamic Republic. The Riyadh regime has long accused the Houthis of receiving financial and arms support from Tehran.

Tehran has all along dismissed the accusations as baseless. The Foreign Ministry rejected the Sunday statement as “destructive, irresponsible, provocative,” stressing that Yemenis had showed an “independent” reaction to the Saudi-led acts of aggression.

On Sunday, the kingdom announced that it was shutting down all Yemen’s air, sea, and land border, after Yemen targeted the international airport near Riyadh.

(Photo: from Yemeni media shows Saleh al-Samad, the president of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council, and top military officials inspecting naval missiles at an exhibition in Hudaydah, November 6, 2017)

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