Syria: Turkey not committed to Astana agreements

Syria: Turkey not committed to Astana agreements
Sun Oct 29, 2017 14:15:52

Syrian ambassador said that Turkey, as a ceasefire guarantor in Syria, has not been committed to the agreements reached through the talks in the Kazakh capital, Astana.


(IRNA) -- Syria regards as positive the Astana talks as the country trusts its guarantors, namely Iran and Russia, Adnan Mahmoud told IRNA during a recent interview. 
'The Astana talks resulted in de-escalation in some regions in Syria. We are pursuing the talks to prevent further killing of people,' Mahmoud said.
'Abolishing terrorist groups in the country and returning the control of the regions dominated by them to the Syrian government, and normalizing conditions for people to live are among goals parties involved in the Astana talks are following to achieve,' he said.
The sixth round of negotiations over the Syrian conflict in Syria began Thursday in Astana, Kazakhstan, focused chiefly on the creation of a “de-escalation zone” in Idlib province in northwestern Syria.
Initiated by Russia, Turkey and Iran, the Astana talks are meant to bring about a nationwide ceasefire in Syria. Establishing ceasefires and forming de-escalation zones in some regions of the country are among main achievements of the talks, the 6th round of which was held in September.
The Syrian envoy also accused Turkey of continuing, what he described as 'supporting the terrorists' and not being committed to the agreements reached through the talks.
The Turkish forces have recently entered the Syrian city of Idlib in coordination with the terrorist group Al Nusra Front, Mahmoud said.
'The move is in violation of the Astana agreements and international laws,' The Syrian diplomat said.
'So far there has been no evidence of a political determination in [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan's government to revise their aggressive policies on supporting terrorist groups,' he said, adding that such an approach is hindering progress in Astana talks.
'In all the agreements reached in the talks, Syria's sovereignty and integrity have been emphasized and the fight against terrorists has been stressed,' he said.
Turkish forces presence in Syria is regarded as illegal and illegitimate, as any presence of foreign forces without coordination with the Syrian government is considered an act of occupation, according to the Syrian diplomat.

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