Syrian Army encircles Daesh terrorists in Mayadin

Syrian Army encircles Daesh terrorists in Mayadin
Sun Oct 8, 2017 15:04:44

Syria’s Army and its allies have encircled the Takfiri terror group of Daesh in the city of al-Mayadin in the country’s northeastern Dayr al-Zawr Province.

Sputnik-- The Takfiri group maintains pockets in the province, and is said to be fighting a losing battle to retain the provincial capital of the same name, which is its last major stronghold in the Arab country.

"Units of our armed forces with the allied forces continue their advance on a number of fronts and axes in Dayr al-Zawr and its countryside...and encircle Daesh terrorists in the city of al-Mayadin," a military source told Reuters.

The Army and its allies reached Dayr al-Zawr in September after a months-long offensive across the country’s central desert area.

Separately, Syria’s War Media released a video on Monday showing the Army advancing against terrorist positions in the sprawling central Homs Province, while Russian aircraft were carrying out umbrella operations overhead.

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