Syrian Army Pounds Down Fatah Al Sham Terrorists in North of Homs

Syrian Army Pounds Down Fatah Al Sham Terrorists in North of Homs
Wed Jan 4, 2017 11:42:47

Units of the Syrian Armed Forces and National Defense Forces (NDF) on Tuesday attacked the strongholds of militant groups in the north of Homs city, Killing 8 Fatah Al Shams field commanders and Dozens of other militants.

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Syrian Army Artillery Units targets JFS terrorists position in Mahatta where militants affiliated with formerly known Nusra Front amassed their forces.

Al-Watan newspaper said 8 Fatah Al Shams field commanders had been eliminated among other terrorists.

Combat clashes with terrorist groups in the Houla area to the northwest of Homs  has been continous. The SAA artillery delivered fire at the positions JFS and its allies held in Eth Teybe, Kafr Laha, Taldou, Qarmus, and Maryamin.

The terrorist group suffered heavy losses in manpower including killed and wounded terrorists and its strongholds and military vehicles.

Also according to Russian TASS News Agency ,Syrian Air Force attacked the Islamic State’s positions (ISIS) near ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur or Tadmor). An airstrike was made at the militants’ logistics base in al Suhna oasis in the internal area of the Syrian Desert.

Reports also spoke about clashes between government forces and militants in the vicinity of the T4 airbase and in Jubb al Jarrah area to the western Palmyra.


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