EU Parliamentarians Shown around Russian Military Base in Syria

EU Parliamentarians Shown around Russian Military Base in Syria
Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:04:46

European Parliament lawmakers from Italy, Latvia and Estonia have been shown around the Russian military in Syria’s Latakia, the chief of the Russian parliamentary foreign affairs committee told reporters on Friday.

During their stay at Hmeymim, parliamentarians visited the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation, which has been involved in ceasefire negotiations and has delivered tons of humanitarian aid to worst-hit areas across the country. Its military doctors have been providing medical assistance to Syrians; Sputnik reported.

"We are at the Hmeymim base to see for ourselves and show our colleagues that it is carrying out in full the tasks that were set before its personnel, that all conditions have been created to achieve the goals set before the Russian Aerospace Forces by the Russian president," Konstantin Kosachev said.

Kosachev said the mixed group of lawmakers had arrived in Syria to meet with the country’s leadership. "We’ve already had very comprehensive talks with President Bashar Assad and are yet to meet senior lawmakers," he added.


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