Russian Warplanes Target ISIS Positions in Syria’s Al-Bab Region: Dogan

Russian Warplanes Target ISIS Positions in Syria’s Al-Bab Region: Dogan
Thu Dec 29, 2016 19:48:33

For the first time since launching its anti-terror aerial campaign in Syria, Russian warplanes have reportedly hit ISIS targets around the city of al-Bab, where Turkey and its allied militants are allegedly fighting the terrorist group.

On Thursday, Turkey’s Dogan news agency quoted military sources as saying that the Russian air raids took place on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the “strikes suspected to be Russian” had been hitting al-Bab for the last two days “in support of the Turkish operation.”

However, there was no official confirmation of the strikes.

Moscow launched its campaign against Daesh and other terror outfits in Syria at the Damascus government’s request in September 2015. Wednesday’s air raids were the first such strikes targeting al-Bab.

Turkey also began a major military intervention in Syria in August, sending tanks and warplanes across the border, in a move denounced by Damascus as a breach of its sovereignty.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the operation, dubbed “Euphrates Shield,” was aimed at “terror groups” such as ISIS and the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a US-backed Kurdish group based in Syria.

However, the Turksih offensive has left a large number of civilian fatalities in al-Bab and elsewhere in Syria, without scoring any major victory against Daesh terrorists.

Ankara and Moscow have long been at odds over the conflict in Syria, where Russia supports the government of President Bashar al-Assad and Turkey backs anti-Damascus militants, Press TV reported.


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