FRONTLINE VIDEO: Syrian Army, Russian Fighter Jets Pounding Militants in Aleppo

Tue Oct 4, 2016 17:19:56

Terrorist groups suffered a heavy death toll and their military hardware sustained major losses in the joint attacks of the Syrian army troops and Russian fighter jets in two major regions in Southern Aleppo.

The Russian fighter jets bombed militant-held regions in Sheikh Saeed district in the Southern part of Aleppo city, paving the way for the Syrian Army troops to attack the strongholds of the terrorists and advance in the region.

The Syrian soldiers, for their part, pushed back Jeish al-Fatah terrorists from more positions in Sheikh Saeed.

The terrorist-held missile base in Khan Touman in Southern Aleppo also came under heavy attack by the Russian aircraft, and was demolished. 

Reports said earlier today that Syrian Army soldiers and their Palestinian allies have been hitting hard Jeish al-Fatah's positions in the Northern outskirts of Aleppo city, weakening the defense abilities of the militants by heavy fire and continued attacks.

"The Syrian government forces' heavy attacks on Jeish al-Fatah's strongholds in Qweijeh, al-Bakarah and Jandoul square have caused the terrorists to stay behind their defense lines without any significant movement in the battlefield," the sources said.

"The army and Liwa al-Quds, who have fire control over Jandoul square, have launched fresh attacks on Jeish al-Fatah's centers along a road to Jandoul to prevent dispatch of fresh militant fighters and ammunition to Jandoul," they added, FNA reported.


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