Saudis, US & Turkey Use ISIS as Tool, when it Suits Their Interests – US senator

Saudis, US & Turkey Use ISIS as Tool, when it Suits Their Interests – US senator
Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:11:18

Speaking on the advance of ISIS militants from Mosul toward Palmyra, Virginia Senator Richard Black (R) expressed doubt that the US-led coalition could have overlooked such a regrouping, pointing to possible interests of the US and regional players.

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Given that the territory between areas occupied by ISIS and Palmyra is a “very barren” rocky desert, “it is unconceivable that the American-led collation could not have seen this massive army moving towards Palmyra,” Senator Black told RT.

“I was surprised that ISIS was able to attack Palmyra. It’s important to recognize that the distance from ISIS-held territory [to] Palmyra is approximately 100 miles,” added the senator, who has repeatedly voiced support for Syrian President Bashar Assad in battling the terrorists.

The fact that the US-led coalition seemingly turned a blind eye to the imminent terrorist threat to the UNESCO world heritage site is not a coincidence, he argues, but rather a part of the foreign policy strategy employed by the current White House administration towards ISIS.

“Unfortunately, I think there have been great deal of coordination between terrorist forces and the US-led coalition,” Black said.

While the US, as well as other western countries and major regional players, do not share the same goals as the terrorists, they have been seemingly sparing ISIS if airstrikes against the terrorist group could have resulted in disadvantage to Turkey, the key NATO member in the region and a US ally, which Black alleges, has engaged in economic relations with terrorists, RT reported.



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