Syrian Army Continues Pounding Militants in Eastern Damascus While Russia Prepares Massive Airstrikes

Syrian Army Continues Pounding Militants in Eastern Damascus While Russia Prepares Massive Airstrikes
Sun Dec 4, 2016 17:32:53

Russian Air Force will help Syrian army troops expel militants from Eastern Ghouta region through conducting selective airstrikes and cruise missile attacks, a well-informed source in the Russian military command said.


Russia's SU33 fighter jets based on the aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, will bomb positions of the Saudi-backed Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta as part of a wider military campaign currently underway by the Syrian Army to retake the longtime terrorists' bastion in Southeastern Damascus, massdar quoted the unnamed source as saying.

The source added that satellite-guided “Kalibr” cruise missiles will also be involved in the campaign by targeting the main and most protected command posts of Jeish al-Islam.

The prospected military operation comes as the terrorist groups rejected an evacuation agreement proposed by the Syrian government to be relocated to the Northwestern province of Idlib.

Hundreds of militants have been evacuated recently under similar deals, opening way for the Syrian government to expand its control around the capital.

Meanwhile, government troops continue to tighten the noose around terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, now advancing toward Hawsh Shalaq – to the West of the recently-recaptured Mida'ani town – from two flanks.

A large number of Syrian army troops arrived in Eastern Ghouta on Thursday as the Syrian army was preparing for a massive military operation against Jeish al-Islam terrorists in the cities of Douma and Harasta in Damascus province.

"Massive operations will start in Eastern Ghouta region, specially Douma city, from several fronts in coming weeks," a battlefield commander in al-Meida'ani said, adding that thousands of Syrian army soldiers arrived in Eastern Ghouta to take part in the upcoming large-scale operation.

The commander rejected the media news reports that Jeish al-Islam terrorists have captured Meida'ani, and said that the Syrian army troops were present in Meida'ani town and they were purging terrorists from house to house in the town.

"Other army units are advancing in the Western front of Meida'ani," the commander added, FNA reported.


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