VIDEO: Fresh Syrian Soldiers Deploy in Eastern Ghouta to Start Douma Operation

Thu Dec 1, 2016 21:01:11

A large number Syrian army troops arrived in Eastern Ghouta as the Syrian army is preparing for a massive military operation against Jeish al-Islam terrorists in the cities of Douma and Harasta in Damascus province.


"Massive operations will start in Eastern Ghouta region, specially Douma city, from several front in coming weeks," a battlefield commander in al-Meida'ani said, adding that thousands of Syrian army soldiers have arrived in Eastern Ghouta to take part in the upcoming large-scale operation.

The commander rejected the media news reports that Jeish al-Islam terrorists have captured Meida'ani, and said that the Syrian army troops are present in Meida'ani town and they are purging terrorists from house to house in the town.

"Other army units are advancing in the Western front of Meida'ani," the commander added.

The Syrian army forces continued to advance in the Eastern parts of Damascus and retook control of the strategic town of al-Meida'ani on Wednesday.

The Syrian army units clashed with Jeish al-Islam terrorists inside al-Meida'ani town after the air force pounded the militants' positions in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus and could regain full control of the town.

With the capture of Hawsh Nasri, Hawsh Farah, Tal (hill) Kurdi and Tal Sawan by the army in Eastern Ghouta, the terrorist groups lost more fighters as the army troops are planning to take control of al-Reihan and Shifouniyeh towns in Eastern Ghouta to get closer to Jeish Al-Islam's main stronghold in Damascus, Douma, FNA reported.


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