ISIS Propaganda VIDEO: Mosul War through ISIS Eyes

Wed Nov 30, 2016 09:04:24

Videos released on the internet by Islamic State media wing Amaq News Agency on purport to show Islamic State terrorists firing guns at Iraqi soldiers in eastern Mosul.

Alalam - Iraq

One video said to be shot in Intisar neighbourhood purports to show men firing and seeking cover behind walls and buildings.

One man who appears to be ISIS gunman is seen pointing at a smoke cloud and heard saying it was Iraqi armoured vehicle. "This vehicle created a barrier that protected them.

But using only light weapons we were able to burn it, God wiling. They are all around it now," the man says.

The other video appears to show a group of men walking down the streets of Shafaq and Khadraa neighbourhoods and firing. Other men are seen firing through windows and small holes in the building walls.

In recent days Iraqi army liberated all Intisar and Shafaq and Khadraa districts.

A full siege of Mosul is developing, Iraqi government and Kurdish forces surround the city from the north, east and south, while Popular Mobilization Units or Hashd Al Shabbi  are trying to close in from the west.


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