VIDEO & Pics: Fire Relentlessly Burning Occupied Lands and Israelis

Sat Nov 26, 2016 18:44:37

Firefighters continued to battle a fire on Saturday in the village of Nataf on the outskirts of Jerusalem (Quds).

Alalam - Middle East

According to Associated Press the fire which started on Friday night, was caused by a firebomb hurled from a neighbouring Arab village, a local witnesses says.

Police did not give details about the incident.Israeli leaders claim Arab arsonists are behind many of the fires which began four days ago near Jerusalem.Meanwhile, the Palestinians have sent firefighting teams to Israel (Occupied Lands) to help combat the flames.

Wildfires near illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank have forced hundreds to flee their homes, after mass evacuations in Israel and more than a dozen arrests, police said, while Israeli and Palestinian firefighters, helped by foreign aircraft, have been battling dozens of bush blazes fed by drought and high winds that have seen tens of thousands of people evacuated.