Battlefield VIDEO: Syrian Army Troops Pound Heavily Rebel Militants in Western Ghouta

Tue Nov 15, 2016 09:32:11

The Syrian army and its allies said they advanced in Khan al-Shikh, in Damascus western Ghouta on Sunday amid heavy bombardment and clashes with armed rebels, in a video released on Sunday.

In the video, the army and its allies show tunnels they said were made by the rebels in the area.

Since the start of the year, Syrian government forces and their allies, including Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, have moved into Eastern Ghouta from the south, the southwest, and the east, helped by in-fighting among rebel groups that control the area.

The densely populated rural Ghouta area consists of farms and towns stretching northeast from Damascus that has been in rebel hands since the uprising began in 2011.

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