Iraqi Forces Continue Their Advance against ISIS, Enter another Region in Mosul

Iraqi Forces Continue Their Advance against ISIS, Enter another Region in Mosul
Fri Nov 4, 2016 18:47:52

Iraqi anti-terrorism units continued to advance against ISIS terrorists on the Eastern side of Mosul, entering a key region after hours of non-stop fighting on Friday.

The Iraqi forces opened their way into al-Zahour region on the Eastern side of the city of Mosul.

Heavy fighting is underway between the Iraqi forces and ISIL in al-Zahour.

The government troops are currently carrying out cleansing operation in Kokjeli district's houses and buildings, while other units of the security forces are engaged in clashes with ISIS at the entrance of al-Karama district.

Police sources said on Thursday that Iraqi security forces began the offensive to liberate the last region controlled by the ISIL militant South of Mosul before they reach the Southern gates of the Iraq's major city, which have been under ISIL grip since 2014.

"Iraqi Federal Police forces have begun the operation to liberate Hammam al-Alil Township just South of Mosul," the sources within Iraqi Federal Police Command said.

Several villages around Hammam al-Alil have been retaken by Iraqi security forces in recent days, FNA reported.


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