Yemen's Rocket Attacks Destroyed Saudi Concentration Centers

Yemen's Rocket Attacks Destroyed Saudi Concentration Centers
Sun Oct 23, 2016 15:26:19

The Yemeni army and popular forces hit hard the gathering centers of the Saudi troops in Southern Saudi Arabia with Katyusha rockets, inflicting heavy losses on the Kingdom's army.

"The Yemeni forces hit the gathering centers of the terrorists in al-Raheh village in Jizan province on Sunday morning," the Arabic-language al-Massira new channel quoted a military source as saying.

The Saudi forces sustained heavy casualties in the Yemeni rocket attacks on their positions in Jizan province.

Meantime, the Yemeni army and popular forces hit the pro-Saudi gathering centers in Lahij province in Southern Yemen, killing several of militants.

The pro-Hadi militias' military positions to the South of Kahboub region in Lahij province came under the Yemeni forces' mortar attacks as well.

The Yemeni attacks came in response to the Saudi airstrikes on the civilian population across the impoverished nation, including Sana'a, Ta'iz, al-Hudayda and Hajjah provinces.

On Saturday, senior Yemeni commanders announced that their forces had captured a Saudi military base with all its weapons and ammunition inside Saudi Arabia.

"The Yemeni special forces attacked a Saudi military base in the Eastern side of Najran and captured the military base after fierce clashes which lasted over three hours," senior Ansarullah commander Ali al-Hamzani told FNA.

He noted that the tribal leaders in Najran have warned against the dangerous security conditions in their province and called on the Riyadh government to drive out the al-Qaeda terrorists from Najran soon.

"This is while Saudi Arabia has intensified sectarian differences in Najran through reinvigorating the Takfiri terrorists in the region," al-Hamzani said, FNA reported.


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