Leaked! Despite War Crimes in Yemen UK Trains Saudi Pilots

Leaked! Despite War Crimes in Yemen UK Trains Saudi Pilots
Sun Oct 23, 2016 13:04:36

The United Kingdom have been training Saudi pilots despite the ongoing accusations of war crimes in Yemen, media reported.

The fact was discovered by the UK Liberal Democrats, who described the revelation as “shameful” and called for immediate suspension of the training, according to the Independent newspaper.

"It is shameful that the UK Government is not only arming Saudi pilots, it is training them as well. The indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, in clear breach of international humanitarian law, is now well documented.

The Government must end its complicity in this murderous campaign,” Tom Brake, the spokesman of the Liberal Democrats party, was quoted as saying by the Independent newspaper.

The UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said in response that the collaboration with the Royal Saudi Air Force was aimed at improving their targeting processes, the newspaper said.


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