Thousands of Toyota Pickups Received by ISIS from Regional Arab States

Thousands of Toyota Pickups Received by ISIS from Regional Arab States
Sun Oct 23, 2016 15:20:33

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Jordan have been involved in purchasing thousands of Toyota pickup trucks that have been supplied to the ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Toyota customers' list in the Middle East shows.

After photos of hundreds of ISIS Toyota pickups seized or targeted by the Syrian Army were sent by the Russian army to the Toyota Company in Japan, the company revealed a list of its main customers that have bought the vehicles.

The customers' list shows that a Saudi firm has purchased a sum of 22,500 trucks, Qatar 32,000, the UAE 11,650 and the Jordanian Army 4,500 vehicles from Toyota company. The Jordanian Army had received loans from several Saudi banks for payments.

A large number of the purchased-vehicles by the four Arab countries have already been delivered to the ISIL terrorists in Syrian and Iraq.

Informed sources have confirmed that ISIS has now over 6,000 Toyota vehicles.

The US official had previously announced that they want to conduct a probe to find out that how ISIL had received these vehicles, but analysts said further that Washington itself had been involved in export of hundreds of these pickup trucks to Syria.

Meantime, informed sources revealed in May that certain Persian Gulf Arab states which were customers of the western arms manufacturing companies plan to supply the militants in Syria with state-of-the-art missiles.

"The Arab countries have purchased advanced weapons from the West for the terrorist groups in Syria to be used in the Northern and Southern parts of the country," sources told the Palestinian al-Manar news website.

Following the terrorist groups' painful failures in Syria at the time, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar were attempting to smuggle these weapons to Syria, the sources added.

In relevant remarks in October 2015, a Saudi official announced that his country had supplied the militants in Syria with a new batch of TOW antitank missiles as the Syrian army forces backed by Russian warplanes continue to gain ground in the war-hit country.

BBC correspondent Frank Gardner tweeted that a Saudi official confirmed the delivery of 500 TOW antitank missiles to the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA).

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