Daesh VIDEO: Moment of US Airstrikes Hit School, Mosque in ISIS-Held Mosul

Fri Oct 7, 2016 08:52:42

Footage uploaded to social media on Thursday (October 6) bearing the logo of Islamic State’s Amaq news agency purported to show an air strike hitting a school and mosque in Mosul, Iraq.

In the video a missile can be seen hitting a domed building, causing a large explosion.

A subtitle at the start of the video read: “the moment of the US strike on a school and mosque in the city of Mosul.”

This video could not be independently verified by Reuters. The footage emerges a day after at least 20 Sunni tribal fighters were killed in an air strike south of Mosul when they were mistaken for Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh / ISIL) militants, Iraqi police said.

It could not be determined whether the aircraft that carried out the attack that killed the Sunni tribal fighters belonged to the Iraqi air force or the US-led coalition Mosul, a city of 2 million, fell to the militants in June 2014 when Iraqi security forces fled.

Islamic State (ISIS / Daesh / ISIL) declared a caliphate which straddled territory in Iraq and Syria, with Mosul as its de facto capital.

Iraq has been preparing for more than a year for an offensive to drive the militants out of the city. The operation is expected to kick off this month.

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