LATEST VIDEO: Syrian Army Troops Advance against Terrorists in the West Ghouta

Thu Oct 6, 2016 14:32:10

The Syrian Army continued their large-scale offensive in the West Ghouta region of rural Damascus on Wednesday after withstanding a powerful counter-attack from the terrorist yesterday.

Led by the 7th Armored Division and the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division, the Syrian Army managed to capture several farms near Deir Khabiyeh, leaving them 550 meters away from the aforementioned West Ghouta town.

Video footage of this advance was captured by Ruptly on Wednesday; it shows the Syrian Armed Forces breaching Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham's (formerly Al-NUsra Front) front-lines near Deir Khabiyeh.

On Thursday morning, the Syrian Armed Forces continued where they left off last night, targeting the remaining farms located just outside of Deir Khabiyeh.

According to an Al-Masdar correspondent in Damascus City, the Syrian Armed Forces should reach Deir Khabiyeh's gates within the next 72 hours, Almasdar reported.



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