Veiled Women: New ISIS Nightmare in Iraq’s Mosul City

Veiled Women: New ISIS Nightmare in Iraq’s Mosul City
Thu Sep 29, 2016 13:06:14

The Iraqi state TV channel Al Sumaria reported on Monday that two ISIS fighters have been killed by a veiled woman in the city of Mosul.

The media source said that a woman covered in a veil took out a gun and shot down two ISIS militants on Monday morning near one of the checkpoints in Mosul, Syria.

The murder was reportedly not the first of its kind.

"The incident is the third of its kind in the city of Mosul this month. This phenomenon has raised ISIS [Daesh] concerns during the past weeks," the TV channel said.

ISIS became notorious for committing a multitude of human rights atrocities, including public beheadings and the stoning of women. Women often become subject to sexual abuse and rape by ISIS militants, being forced to marry them. Some girls from ethnic and religious minorities such as Iraq's Yazidis have been sold off as sex slaves.

Another veiled woman managed to kill two ISIS terrorists in occupied Salahuddin Province last week. Following the incident, the terrorist group issued a statement, warning other fighters of potential danger, Sputnik reported.


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