Iraqi Army Begins Massive Military Operations in Tikirt, 15 Terrorists Killed

Iraqi Army Begins Massive Military Operations in Tikirt, 15 Terrorists Killed
Wed Sep 28, 2016 14:34:42

Salahuddin Operations Command reported on Tuesday that the security forces repelled an attack launched by ISIS (ISIL, IS and Daesh) members using seven booby-trapped vehicles on the security forces stationed in Tlul al-Baj area, north of Tikrit, and further added that 15 ISIS members were killed during the clashes.

The Command said in a press statement, “This morning, ISIS group launched an attack on the security forces stationed north of Tlul Al Baj area, north of Tikrit, using seven booby-trapped vehicles driven by suicide bombers.”

“The security troops backed by the Iraqi Air Force managed to repel the attack and destroy the booby-trapped vehicles,” the statement added.

"The security forces were also able to kill 15 members of ISIS during the attack and imposed their control on the situation,” the statement explained.

The joint security forces liberated the city of Tikrit in 31 March 2015, and Baiji in mid-November 2015 and continue their advance to expel ISIS from all areas of the province, while ISIS tried to impose its control over Samarra district, but failed after several attempts.


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