VIDEO: ISIS Fails to Prevail over Syrian Army Positions along Homs-Hama Road

Tue Sep 27, 2016 11:50:49

Syrian Army troops fended off ISIS attack to cut off a key road from Northern Homs to Eastern Hama, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.

Syrian army soldiers defended their positions against ISIS's attacks and pushed them back before they could access Homs-al-Salamiyah road near the village of al-Quneitrat.

Several ISIS terrorist were killed or wounded and their machinegun-equipped vehicles were destroyed in the failed attacks.

Also on Monday, the Syrian Air Force and Army's missile units targeted the terrorist groups' concentration centers in the Northern and Eastern territories of Homs province.

Syrian warplanes pounded ISIS's gatherings in Tal Sawan and near al-Sha'er oilfield, while other military jets of the country targeted terrorists' strongholds in Ein al-Hossein, al-Rastasn, Talbiseh and al-Za'afaraniyeh, destroying dozens of the militants' vehicles.

Syrian army's missile units also opened fire at terrorists' centers in Um Sharshouh, Abu al-Anz farms, Ein al-Hossein al-Janoubi and al-Za'afaraniyeh in Talbiseh region.

Syrian army soldiers also repelled ISIS's attacks from Unq al-Hawa and Rahoum towards Jubb al-Jarah.

A number of ISIS fighters were also killed in clashes with the Syrian army men near al-Quaryatayn in Southeastern Homs, FNA reported.

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