ISIS Trades Human Organs of Its Injured Militants

ISIS Trades Human Organs of Its Injured Militants
Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:04:33

After losing most of its financial sources in Iraq, the ISIS has increased its trafficking of human organs in Mosul.

A local source in the major city informed the Iraqi News that the militant group have stolen around 23 human organs of its members and the injured ones in the hospitals of the province for the purpose of trafficking.

The business comes after losing many of its funding sources, particularly the oil fields in Qayyara district in southern Mosul.

A special medical unit of the organization proceeded to remove the human organs from about 23 IS militants who have been hospitalized in Mosul, the source said, noting that the organs stolen from those members include kidneys, intestines and more.

“They were transferred under tight control to a hospital on the outskirts of the city where they are being smuggled into the black markets.”

The extremist group has already been carrying out the practice of trading with human organs, but it has vastly increased it after the loss of the majority of its financial sources, particularly the crude oil, which it used to provide about 80% of the organization's budget.

Earlier in 2015, the Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations urged the organization to investigate “IS’ bloody trade with human organs.” He revealed at that time that a large number of civilian corpses, with missing body parts, have been recovered from mass graves, “and it proves that the allegations are true.”

Sources from Mosul previously said that ISIS takes the captives who are sentenced to death to a special hospital where all their organs like kidneys, eyes, and hearts are removed and then smuggled into the international black markets, ABNA reported.


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