Advanced Artillery Tracker System Received by Syrian Army from Russia

Advanced Artillery Tracker System Received by Syrian Army from Russia
Sat Sep 17, 2016 09:37:13

Damascus appreciated the Russian Defense Ministry for delivering an advanced model of "Aistёnok" artillery-missile tracker system to the Syrian Army to reinvigorate its truce-monitoring capabilities, the spokesman for the Syrian army said.

"Let’s thank you (Russian Defense Ministry) for the delivery of an advanced artillery tracker system to our soldiers, which will enable us to monitor ceasefire across the country much more efficiently," the spokesman said.

Aistёnok is a portable radar system intelligence and control fire (counter-battery radar). Designed for intelligence-monitoring of positions of fire weapons (artillery and mortar positions, launchers, tactical missiles and air defense systems, etc.), Calculating the trajectories of shells and rockets, surveillance of airspace and control of unmanned aerial vehicles.

81-120mm mortar shelling, tanks' fire from five kilometers distance and 122-155 mm artillery units' fire from 20 kilometers distance can be traced by the Aistёnok system, FNA reported.


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