Leaked ISIS Documents Revealed: ISIS Jihadi Bride Sally Jones Role in Training Female Recruits

Leaked ISIS Documents Revealed: ISIS Jihadi Bride Sally Jones Role in Training Female Recruits
Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:55:04

For more than two years, Sally Jones, the fugitive British terrorist, has been the world's most wanted female terrorist.

Since she fled to Syria from Kent to marry Junaid Hussain, an ISIS fighter from Birmingham, a handful of social media messages were the only clues to Jones's life in the terror group's "caliphate".

But thanks to information from activists in Syria and an ISIS defector in southern Turkey, The Telegraph has managed to piece together the movements of Jones and her 11-year-old son, Joe "JoJo" Dixon.

A single mother-of-two living on benefits, Jones had grown increasingly dissatisfied with her life. She began chatting online to 19-year-old computer hacker Hussain, with whom she became besotted.

They talked about their lives in England, Islam and the increasingly fractious war in Syria. Hassan told Jones he wanted to leave to join ISIS and encouraged her to join him.

Leaked ISIS documents show how in July 2013 Hussain crossed from Turkey into Syria through the Jarablus border crossing - the route used by most of the group's new recruits due to its proximity to Raqqa, the de facto capital of the caliphate.

Jones followed six months later during the Christmas school holidays and just after Joe's ninth birthday. Her eldest son, who was 18 at the time, decided to stay in the UK with his girlfriend.

The couple married the day Jones arrived in Syria, in front of only a handful of witnesses in a small exremist ceremony in Idlib in the north of the country. Jones officially converted to Islam and changed her name to Sakinah Hussain and her son's to Hamza.

She encouraged followers to carry out attacks against the West while defending ISIS beheadings and vowing to do the same.

She is believed to have recruited dozens of women to the terror group this way before her accounts were shut down, nzherald reported.


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