VIDEO: Iraqi Army Breaks into Key Oil Town of Qayara from Two Sectors

Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:44:32

Iraqi army Brigadier General has said that the army special forces have successfully broken into Key Oil Town of Qayara from two sectors and have faced light resistance from the side of terrorists.

 In an interview Brigadier General Walid Majid said that Iraqi Army: "Currently we are breaking into Qayara from two sectors. In the first sector, the forces will surround Qayara and cut the enemy's (the ISIL/ISIS/IS terrorist group's) supply lines from Mosul. In the second sector, the forces are breaking into Qayara from the main bridge into the town's centre to take control of the government buildings that belong to the sub district of Qayara."  Brigadier General Walid Majid added that "There is light resistance. The enemy is collapsing. They have suffered several attacks from our units, including the 9th armoured division and the counter-terrorism forces. The enemy is in total collapse and now we are removing the IEDs (improvised explosive devices) from the roads so that we can get into the town completely;" AFP reported.


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