PHOTOS & VIDEO: Fake ISIS Attack Staged in Prague, Caused Tourists Left Terrified

Tue Aug 23, 2016 17:27:11

A group of men impersonating ISIS fighters have caused terror and anger after wielding fake guns in the centre of Prague.

The fake terrorist rode into Old Town Square in the Czech capital on Sunday in a Humvee vehicle, alongside a camel.

Terrified tourists, including children, ran for safety as the men let off fake gunfire and riled up crowds.

'I was entering Old Town Square from a far corner and heard gunshots,' Prague resident Andrea Steinova told the New York Times.

'Then I saw a group of about 40 people, some of them yelling in Hebrew, running toward me. A couple of them tripped and fell, and others ran over them.'



The activists donned fake beards, suicide bomber vests and even had a 'hostage' in an orange jumpsuit on board their Humvee, Daily Mail reported.


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