VIDEO: Syrian Army Units and Kurdish Forces Infighting in Hasakah Continues

Mon Aug 22, 2016 16:16:38

Last night, after peace agreement in Hasakah, City experienced a brief period of peace, absent of any firefights between the Kurdish police (Asayish) and government-backed “National Defense Forces” (NDF). But as morneing prevails, fighting Continues.

However, as dawn approached the city, the Asayish force stormed the NDF’s positions at the Guweiran District, resulting in a series of fierce clashes that spread across the provincial capital.

According to PYD activists, the Asayish are advancing in northeastern Guweiran after infiltrating the National Defense Forces’ front-lines this morning.

Meanwhile, in northern Hasakah, the National Defense Forces managed to advance north of the Al-Amal School, capturing some buildings in the Tal Hajjar District.

The NDF also their units captured some building blocks in the Al-Zuhour District in southern Al-Hasakah.

The Syrian Air Force has played a major part in the defense of government-controlled Hasakah City, carrying out several airstrikes over the Asayish’s positions in the northern districts of the provincial capital.

Government and PYD officials are expected to meet today in Hasakah City today to negotiate another open-ended ceasefire.

The fighting in Hasaka, which is divided into zones of Kurdish and Syrian government control, marks the most violent confrontation between the Kurdish YPG and the Syrian army in more than five years of civil war.


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