ISIS Uses Hot Bitumen as New Method to Execute Civilians

ISIS Uses Hot Bitumen as New Method to Execute Civilians
Sun Aug 14, 2016 17:34:04

The ISIS (Daesh / ISIL) terrorist group has resorted to new horrible methods to execute the Iraqi civilians in the city of Mosul, informed sources disclosed.

"The ISIS executed six civilians by putting them in hot bitumen barrels in front of other people's eyes in Mosul city," the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed local source as saying on Sunday.

He noted that the ISIS had brought spying charges against the executed civilians, and said that the executions took place in al-Shoura district of Mosul city.

The ISIS's horrible execution methods come to boost the lost morale of the terrorists as Iraq's joint military forces are making considerable advances in different parts of Nineveh province, particularly Mosul city.

In a relevant development earlier on Sunday, the ISIS executed several of its opponents in a brutal manner in Mosul city.

A video released by the terrorists shows 3 militants of M resistance movement (an opponent group of the ISIS) were shot in the head by the ISIS and 3 others were beheaded by the terrorist group.

The video showed the ISIS terrorists shooting in the head of their opponents from close range.

The ISIS also beheaded three others on spying charges and for filming the terrorist groups' military positions and vehicles.

In a relevant development earlier in August, the ISIS terrorists executed tens of civilians in Kirkuk province as they were trying to escape from Takfiri militants.

Hassan Mahmoud al-Soufi, a commander of popular forces, told the Arabic-language al-Sumaria television network that terrorists executed 61 people, among them a woman, by firing squad at a militant base on the outskirts of the town of Hawijah.

An earlier report provided by the UN refugee agency UNHCR had disclosed that the ISIS terrorists may have captured up to 3,000 fleeing Iraqi villagers.

The report followed a statement on Thursday from the Iraqi Observatory for Human rights, which said about 1,900 civilians had been captured by an estimated 100-120 ISIS terrorists.

The observatory said ISIS was using people as shields against attacks by Iraqi security forces, adding scores of civilians had been executed, and six burnt.

The report said the Takfiri group had captured the internally displaced people from villages in Hawijah District in Kirkuk Governorate trying to flee to Kirkuk city.

The Iraqi army and volunteer forces are preparing for a final push to dislodge ISIS from Mosul, FNA reported.

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