Lebanese Authorities Detain Three Saudi Sisters & Their Seven Children Planning to Join ISIL

Lebanese Authorities Detain Three Saudi Sisters & Their Seven Children Planning to Join ISIL
Sat Aug 13, 2016 17:44:53

Lebanese Security forces have captured three Saudi Arabian women and their seven children in Beirut that had planned to cross the border into neighboring Syria to join the ISIL terrorist group.

Lebanese authorities detained the three sisters and their seven children in the capital, Beirut, and sent them back to Saudi Arabia, the SPA news agency reported.

An unnamed Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman said the husband of one of the women had tipped Saudi police off that his wife and their three children had left Saudi Arabia for Lebanon to travel further to Syria and join ISIL.

Saudi authorities had then informed Lebanese officials that the woman had entered Lebanon.

There were no details on how the other women and children had wound up in Lebanon.

The children are said to be aged between one and 10 years old.

Many of the terrorists operating in Syria, particularly the ISIL terrorists, presstv reported, are believed to follow Wahhabism, a strand of extremist “ideology” preached by government-sanctioned clerics in Saudi Arabia.

There are reports that 46 Saudi women have joined ISIL since 2011.

The last time a Saudi woman was reported to have joined ISIL was in July 2015, as Al-Hayat daily reported, the 40-year-old woman from Sajer, a small town on the suburbs of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, had traveled with her family to the holy city of Mecca before suddenly disappearing. She eventually sent a message to her mother, informing her that she was with ISIL in Syria; FNA reported.


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