Donald Trump Accuses President Obama as ISIS Founder

Donald Trump Accuses President Obama as ISIS Founder
Thu Aug 11, 2016 15:38:20

US Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump accused President Obama at a rally in Florida of being the “founder of ISIS” while downgrading his Democrat rival “crooked Hillary Clinton” to “co-founder.”

Trump denied a report that he had a conversation with the Secret Service about what was widely interpreted as a suggestion that gun owners should shoot Hillary Clinton, but he’s responded to the outcry by dialing back his attacks on his opponent, New York Magazine reported.

It’s quite the demotion, since last Wednesday Trump said his opponent should receive an award from the terrorist group “as the founder of ISIL” The remark went largely unnoticed because a few days earlier Trump called Clinton “the devil.”

Many Republicans argue that Obama and Clinton are responsible for the rise of ISIS because they followed through with the Bush administration plan to withdraw all US troops from Iraq in 2011, and underestimated the threat from the “JV” team.

That’s what Trump was alluding to, but what he actually said was, “He’s the founder of ISIL. He’s the founder of ISIL. He’s the founder. He founded ISIL,” adding, “I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.”

However, Trump wasn’t just boiling down the criticism of Obama’s foreign policy into a false one-word insult. He also revived his suggestion that the commander-in-chief, who authorized 11,000 US air strikes against ISIS in the past two years, harbors a secret affinity for the terrorists. “In many respects, you know, they honor President Obama,” Trump said, offering no further explanation.

Later while discussing the situation in Crimea, which he just learned joined Russia in 2014, Trump emphasized the president’s full name, saying it took place “during the administration of Barack Hussein Obama,” FNA reported.



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