Taliban Supports Afghanistan in Fight against Islamic State

Taliban Supports Afghanistan in Fight against Islamic State
Mon Aug 8, 2016 17:41:39

In an interview with the Tasnim News Agency, Afghan Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has said that in the battle against foreign occupation and the presence of Daesh, Taliban supports the Afghan nation.

 In an interview with the Tasnim News Agency, Zabihullah Mujahid expressed the Taliban’s support for the Afghan nation in the battle against foreign occupation and the presence of Daesh.

The “Islamic Emirate” has launched a campaign against occupation across Afghanistan, Mujahid said, stressing that the Taliban is aware of the threat of Daesh and “in cooperation with the nation, has prevented the terrorist group from gaining a foothold in Afghanistan.”

The presence of Daesh forces in Afghanistan is limited to a small area in the east and they are living in a dire situation near the border, the spokesman said, adding that most of their members are non-Afghans and “have nothing to do with the Afghan people.”

No Daesh fighters are present in other areas of Afghanistan, and the Taliban will not allow such presence, he added.

Mujahid also took a swipe at the Kabul government and the US for using Daesh as an excuse to overplay problems in Afghanistan in order to make new ways for continued occupation and horror.

As regards possible changes in Afghanistan’s National Unity government, the Taliban spokesman said appointment of Afghan officials is within the purview of Americans, which is why such changes are not going to solve anything.

The Kabul administration does not seem like an active government, as all political, security and even economic affairs are under the control of foreigners and are being handled by their special military forces and advisers, he deplored.

Asked about the recent rise in the Taliban’s armed operations in Afghanistan, Mujahid said heightened actions in western and northern region of the country signify that the Afghan nation is resolved to tackle occupation.

“The more the Americans insist on continuing the occupation Afghanistan, the more the nation will be mobilized against them and enhance cooperation with the Islamic Emirate fighters,” he added.

In early July, new Taliban leader Maulawi Haibatullah Akhundzada called on the US to end its occupation of Afghanistan in his first message since being appointed the group’s leader in May.

“Admit the realities instead of useless use of force and muscle show and put an end to the occupation,” Akhundzada said in a speech.

“Our message to the American invaders and her allies is this: the Afghan Muslim people neither fear from your force nor your stratagem. They consider martyrdom in confrontation with you as a cherished goal of their life,” he stated; Tasnim News Agency reported.


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