ISIS Top Commander, Suicide Bombers Killed by Iraqi Forces in Salahuddin Province

ISIS Top Commander, Suicide Bombers Killed by Iraqi Forces in Salahuddin Province
Sun Aug 7, 2016 13:30:40

The Iraqi joint military forces continued their advances in Salahuddin province, and killed a senior ISIS commander and coordinator of suicide attacks along with four of his companions, a senior Iraqi popular forces commander announced.

Abu Farouq Araqi and four of his men who had suicide belts were killed in al-Matbijeh region in the Eastern part of Salahuddin province, Adi al-Khadran said.

He said that Araqi and four other suicide bombers were killed in Matbijeh region located between Diyala and Salahuddin provinces.

"The ISIS has many military bases in Matbijeh where it attracts suicide bombers and sends them to Diyala, Baghdad and Salahuddin provinces," Araqi said.

In late July, Iraqi popular forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) announced that an ISIL mufti had been killed in an airstrike in al-Shirqat region, Northern Salahuddin province.

"The Mufti who was a Saudi national was killed in the Iraqi army's airstrike along with three other ISIL members," Jabbar al-Amouri, a commander of Iraqi popular forces, said.

According to him, the popular forces also could repel the ISIL terrorists' attack on the army positions near Makhoul mountain in Salahuddin province, killing a number of them and blowing up their vehicle, FNA reported.


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