PHOTOS: Watch Metal Bolts for Suicide Vests Inside ISIS Bomb Making Factory Near Sirte in Libya

PHOTOS: Watch Metal Bolts for Suicide Vests Inside ISIS Bomb Making Factory Near Sirte in Libya
Tue Aug 2, 2016 16:12:45

Discarded gas canisters are strewn across the floor while metal bolts that were once due to be used in suicide vests - this is the deserted power station allegedly used as an ISIS bomb making factory in Libya.

Troops battling terrorists in the north African country raided the Al-Khaleej power plant near Sirte during a furious anti-ISIS offensive in June - and discovered it was home to a makeshift explosives factory for extremists.

Inside the vast hangar on the edge on the Libyan desert, government forces found the components of suicide vests - similar to the one used to injure 12 people in the ISIS attack on the German town of Ansbach nine days ago.

Following fierce clashes near the disused power station, Libyan forces found the corpses of 25 terrorists inside - but said at least 160 had been living there.

On the floor of one room, piles of thick hair and tufts of beard trimmings lay strewn among discarded ammunitions boxes and seven litre bottles of water.

Libyan commander Ahmed Negro told MailOnline: 'There were big numbers of Daesh here - at least 160.

'We think most of them went to Sirte, but some of them may be posing as ordinary citizens, because they shaved off their beards and cut their long hair before they ran away.'

Retreating militants left the grounds laced with mines and IED booby-traps, meaning access was restricted for two months until the area had been made safe, Daiy Mail reported.




















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