ISIS Terrorists Surrendering to Iraqi Army in al-Anbar Province

ISIS Terrorists Surrendering to Iraqi Army in  al-Anbar Province
Sun Jul 31, 2016 21:27:02

Tens of ISIS terrorists have surrendered themselves to the Iraqi army and popular forces in al-Khalediya Island in al-Anbar province, a field source said on Sunday.

"Tens of ISIS terrorists surrendered themselves after they failed to resist against the Iraqi forces," the source said.

"A large number of ISIS terrorists left their defense lines and escaped to the desert areas," he added.

The latest reports said that the Iraqi forces have taken back control of al-Kartan region and purged the terrorists of Abu Obaid district and a power plant in the Eastern parts of al-Khalediya Island.

The engineering units of the Iraqi army have so far defused 150 bombs and booby traps planted in the public places by the terrorists.

Over 47 militants were killed during the Sunday operations in Al-Khalediya Island region while their toll has reached 150 in the past two days. Hundreds of terrorists were also wounded.

The Iraqi army and popular forces are now in full control of Abu Obaid region and its nearby Kartan gas station.

Earlier today, battlefield sources disclosed that Iraq's joint military forces have seized back half of al-Khalediya Island.

"The Iraqi forces are now in control of 50 percent of al-Khalediya Island by pushing back the terrorists 7 kilometers deep inside the island," an informed military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told FNA.

The source said that the Iraqi forces are now close to the Euphrates River and are advancing in areas Southeast of the river.

Al-Khalediya Island is located 80 kilometers to the West of Baghdad, FNA reported.


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