ISIL’s Attempt to Rescue Terrorists in Darayya Strongly Defeated

ISIL’s Attempt to Rescue Terrorists in Darayya Strongly Defeated
Mon Aug 1, 2016 18:35:14

Syrian army's rapid reaction has repelled the ISIL's attempt to rescue the besieged terrorists in Western Ghouta near the strategic town of Darayya.

According to the dissident sources, the Liwa Shohada al Islam terrorist group announced earlier this week that it swear allegiance to the ISIL, if it can open a way for its members from al-Assaly to Bur Saeid region to take control over Qadim al Qadam road.

The sources said that the Syrian army became aware of the terrorists' plots and in a preemptive measure deployed its forces in several areas of Bur Saeed and al Qadam regions.

Reports of ISIL's change in plans to help Liwa Shohada al-Islam were spread on Monday morning while deepening the feeling of disappointment and failure in terrorists stationed in Darayya with no way but surrendering to the army.

On Sunday, the Syrian army soldiers engaged in heavy fighting with terrorists in Western Ghouta near Darayya, hitting the militants' positions hard by heavy weapons.

The Syrian army troop targeted a group of militants deployed to the nearby areas of al Zayabi factory, leaving scores of the terrorist dead or wounded.

In relevant developments in the province on Saturday, Syrian Army troops and popular forces stormed terrorists' positions South and North of Darayya in Southwestern Damascus to complete siege of the town after the terrorists killed several civilians.

In a retaliatory move, the Syrian government forces struck strongholds of terrorist groups near Darayya and al-Mo'adhamiyeh and cut off their communication routes with their comrades in other territories of Western Ghouta.

Regardless of truce agreement with the Syrian government, militants in Darayya and al-Mo'adhamiyeh violated ceasefire several time and killed meantime a number on civilians.

The Syrian army are resolved to take back Darayya first and then storm al-Mo'adhamiyeh; FNA reported.


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