Iraqi Army Foils Terrorists' Suicide Attacks in Al-Sharqat Region in Salahuddin

Iraqi Army Foils Terrorists' Suicide Attacks in Al-Sharqat Region in Salahuddin
Mon Aug 1, 2016 17:15:21

The Iraqi army has foiled three suicide attacks by the terrorists on its military positions in Salahuddin province on Monday.

The ISIL terrorists were trying to attack the Iraqi army's military positions with three suicide vehicles in al-Sharqat region, but they were pushed back by Iraqi soldiers.

At least three ISIL terrorists were killed and their military vehicles were also destroyed in the Iraqi army's counteroffensive.

Earlier on Monday, the Iraqi army took control of three more strategic villages from the ISIL in Anbar province in Western Iraq, and destroyed the terrorists' military operations room in Albu Jarish region.

The Vinij, Haroun Baraziyeh and Omirieh in the Northwestern part of al-Anbar province are now under the Iraqi army's control.

The ISIL's military operations room in Albu Jarish region was also destroyed by the Iraqi army.

Meantime, tens of ISIL terrorists surrendered themselves in Albu Bali and Albu Obeid regions.

The Iraqi army also killed at least 70 terrorists, including snipers in the military operations in Anbar province on Monday.

The Iraqi joint military forces also destroyed three suicide vehicles in Anbar province over the past two days; FNA reported.


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