VIDEO: SDF Smashes ISIL, on Verge of Full Liberation of Manbij in Aleppo

Sat Jul 30, 2016 18:53:30

Latest developments in the town of Manbij indicate that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), mainly comprised of Kurdish fighters, are about to push ISIL (ISIS / Daesh) back from its positions and capture the remaining districts of Manbij in coming hours, military sources said Saturday.

"The SDF fighters are about to prevail over ISIL's defense lines in Central Manbij after wining back a key neighborhood this morning," informed sources said.

"After seizure of al-Kajli neighborhood, the SDF fighters have stormed ISIL's positions from Southwestern part of the town and are nearing to enter Central Manbij," the sources said.

"Al-Bazar bridge has also been captured by the SDF fighters," the sources said, adding, "The bridge connects al-kajli to al-Na'eimi neighborhood. The SDF combatants have launched new waves of offensives to capture al-Na'eimi neighborhood too."

"Tough battle is underway between ISIL and SDF in al-Jazeerah square in al-Na'eimi neighborhood," they added.

"SDF fighters saved over 60 civilians captured by ISIL in al-Kajli," the sources went on to say.

"The SDF launched large-scale counter-attacks on ISIL's defense lines and recaptured at least six villages and their surrounding regions Northwest of Manbij, leaving over 100 militants dead and many more wounded," they said.

"The SDF fighters, who had a tactical pulling back of forces, stormed ISIL's vulnerable positions and took back the villages of al-Bouyer, Mashirjeh al-Bouyer, Eilan, Dandaniyeh, Bouzkij and Daadat," they went on to say.

"ISIL left behind over 100 dead members, including a top commander and official in charge of heavy weapons named Abu Soleiman Mesri and pulled back its fighter from the region," sources said.

"In the meantime, the SDF beat ISIL terrorists back from one more neighborhood in the town of Manbij in Northeastern Aleppo and launched mop-up operation to hunt the remaining pockets of militants," they added.

The SDF fighters pushed ISIL back from al-Kajli neighborhood.

Sources also added that ISIL suffered a heavy death toll and left behind its military hardware under the SDF's heavy attacks and retreated from the neighborhood.

"The SDF have opened a safe route connecting Manbij's districts to safer destinations outside the town and transferred a large number of civilians to regions under their control," Kurdish sources said on Saturday.

"Over 1,500 civilians, mostly children and women, have been evacuated by the SDF combatants from the war-hit town," the sources confirmed.

"The SDF fighters were accompanying the groups of civilian to protect them against ISIL's attacks," they added.

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