VID: Kafr Hamra in N of Aleppo a Reward of SAA for Recapturing Bani Zaid

Fri Jul 29, 2016 11:34:57

One day after capturing a number of key sites in Aleppo City like Bani Zaid, the Syrian Armed Forces advancing to the strategic village of Kafr Hamra, which sits at the northwestern outskirts of the provincial capital.

With two large military units positioned in the northern sector of Aleppo City, the Syrian Armed Forces are preparing to strike Kafr Hamra from two different points, while still applying pressure on the terrorist forces in east Aleppo.

The rebels of Fatah Halab will not be able to lift the siege on east Aleppo, so the Syrian Arab Army can concentrate a considerable number of soldiers to the Kafr Hamra front, where they will be fighting in a condensed area that will be absent of tanks.

VID: Kafr Hamra in N of Aleppo a Reward of SAA for Recapturing Bani Zaid

Bani Zaid was the primary launching point for terrorist mortar shells in Aleppo City; however, it was not the only area used by the Fatah Halab terrorists.

Kafr Hamra was an important area used by the rebels to launch mortar shells and hellfire cannons into the western Aleppo neighborhoods; it will now be the primary area they will use to target the provincial capital.

Due to its proximity to the New Aleppo District and Al-Zahra Association Quarter, Kafr Hamra will be one the Syrian Arab Army’s top priorities in the Aleppo Governorate.


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