Mosul Residents Uprising against Daesh Killed 5 Terrorists

Mosul Residents Uprising against Daesh Killed 5 Terrorists
Mon Jul 18, 2016 17:03:13

Residents in several neighborhoods in the Iraqi city of Mosul reportedly staged an uprising against the ISIL terrorist group which holds the city, killing at least five militants.

Armed clashes erupted between the residents of the Bab al-Jadid neighborhood in central Mosul and ISIL terrorists, al-Sumeriya news reported.

The uprising has led to the expulsion of the ISIL militants from their positions in the area and the death of two terrorists.

Two vehicles belonging to the terrorists were also burned.The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, further said that the residents of Mosul’s southern district of Hammam al-Alil also clashed with ISIL in the center of the district, killing three terrorists.

The source added that the residents seek to take full control of the district and to purge it of the terrorists.

According to the report, the residents have already raised the Iraqi flag over a number of the district’s buildings.