ISIS Executed 4 Top Leader in Center of Iraq’s Mosul for Refusing to Fight

ISIS Executed 4 Top Leader in Center of Iraq’s Mosul for Refusing to Fight
Sat Jun 25, 2016 13:41:44

ISIS killed four of their top leaders in a public execution witnessed by hundreds of civilians and “jihadists” in the centre of Mosul, Iraq.The ISIS leaders were charged with 'high treason' at a “Sharia law court” in Mosul and were sentenced to death on June 22 after refusing to fight, Iraqi media reports.

The high-ranking commanders reportedly escaped the battlefront in the Shargati area in southern Mosul, where the group was engaged in heavy fighting with Kurdish and Iraqi forces, ARA News reports.

'The four fighters were hanged to death in the Muallimin square in central Mosul,' local activist Ahmed al-Muthanna told ARA News.

The Daesh executions are the latest show of force by ISIL. As its power begins to wain, the terror group is trying to warn its fighters that deserters will be punished by death.

Execution by forensic freezer

"in April, it was reported the terror group had killed 21 of its military chiefs since the start of April in its Syrian stronghold, Raqqa."

Iraqi media agency Al Sumaria News also reported ISIS had killed 45 of its own fighters by locking them inside a forensic freezer after they attempted to flee during a battle in Iraq .

After their agonizing deaths, the bodies of the victims were allegedly stretched out along the sides of the road to act as a warning to any other ISIS defectors, Daily Mail reports.


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