SDF Enters ISIS-Held Town of Manbij in Syria’s Aleppo

SDF Enters ISIS-Held Town of Manbij in Syria’s Aleppo
Thu Jun 23, 2016 17:12:24

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) began entering the strategic town of Manbij on Thursday after they kept the city in the Northern Province of Aleppo besieged for more than three weeks, military sources said.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces have broken ISIS defense lines and started to enter the town from several directions,” the source said.

The SDF, mainly comprising of Kurdish fighters, have kicked off the operation to liberate the city of Manbij form ISIL terrorist group since early this month, with all villages and towns in the vicinity of the city already won back and purged of terrorists.

Earlier reports suggest over 1,200 members of the ISIS terrorist group were killed in clashes with the SDF Forces near the terrorist-held town of Manbij.

The terrorists, including 5 ISIL commanders, were killed in the past 22 days near the strategic town of Manbij.

According to sources, the corpses of at least 560 ISIS members are now in the hands of the SDF forces, FNA reported.


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