French Cement Plant in Syria Paid Money to ISIS Terrorists

French Cement Plant in Syria Paid Money to ISIS Terrorists
Wed Jun 22, 2016 19:20:31

French cement production company Lafarge has indirectly funded ISIS takfiri terrorist group over a year in 2013-2014 for continuation of his activities in Syria.

Since spring 2013 and by the end of summer 2014, management of Jalabiya cement plant in northeastern Syria paid money to Daesh militants, who had occupied the neighboring areas to preserve production of the plant.

The French newspaper added that the producer paid terrorists to allow workers of the plant to arrive and to leave the factory.

Lafarge acquired Jalabiya cement plant in 2007 and had invested some 600 million euros ($679 million at the current exchange rates) to renovate it since then. The plant, which started its operations in 2010 was shut down in September 2014 after Daesh militants had advanced toward it; Sputnik reported.


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