Syrian Army Hit Hard ISIS Command Center North of Sweida

Syrian Army Hit Hard ISIS Command Center North of Sweida
Wed Jun 22, 2016 17:55:00

Syrian army Soldiers have targeted ISIS Command center in northern Sweida and have inflicted major losses on takfiri terrorists in this area.

The Syria soldiers' anti-terrorism operation near the hilltop village of Tal Ishihayb destroyed the ISIL command center and meantime left scores of the Takfiri terrorists dead or wounded.

In relevant developments in the Southern province on Monday, the Syrian soldiers' attacks on terrorists' bases in Rajem al-Dawleh and Tal Asfar regions ended in destruction of at least five military vehicles carrying arms, ammunition and fresh forces.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army men engaged in heavy fighting with the ISIL terrorists in Mashbak al-Widian East of Sweida, which not only left several militants dead but destroyed their rocket launchers, vehicles and other military equipment; FNA reported.


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