VIDEO: Civilians Flee ISIS in Fallujah By Swimming Euphrates River

Sat Jun 18, 2016 14:43:11

As the battle for the city of Fallujah raged, many decided to flee, with footage showing hundreds even jumping in the Euphrates River to swim across in a bid to escape the fighting.

Around 50,000 civilians have been trapped in Fallujah, which has been under ISIS control for over two years.The United Nations has said that about 42,000 people have fled since the military operation against Fallujah began in late May.

Residents of the city center had been trapped in dire conditions for days but recent advances of Iraqi Army and recapturing city center have allowed large numbers to escape.

Aid groups such as Doctors Without Borders and the Norwegian Refugee Council say the number of those who have fled Fallujah is lower, closer to 30,000.

The conflict in Iraq has forced more than 3.3 million people to flee their homes with the country also hosting up to 300,000 refugees who have fled the civil war in neighboring Syria. Most are living in camps or informal settlements.


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