Syrian Jets Drop ‘Surrender Now’ Leaflets over ISIS-Held Regions in Raqqa

Syrian Jets Drop ‘Surrender Now’ Leaflets over ISIS-Held Regions in Raqqa
Wed Jun 15, 2016 16:03:24

The Syrian Army aircraft dropped leaflets reading “Surrender Now” over the ISIS-held regions in Raqqa province to give the Takfiri terrorists a last chance to lay down their arms and surrender to the authorities as soon as possible.


The Syrian aircraft dropped thousands of leaflets over the terrorist group's strongholds in different towns and villages of Northeastern Raqqa province reading "surrender now; you have nowhere to go".

"The Syrian army and its allies are advancing towards the ISIS bases across the province and the Takfiri terrorists' rule in the region is on the verge of collapse," the Syrian army underlined in its leaflets, adding, "The fate of those who try to fight against the Syrian army and nation will end in nothing but death."

Sources in Raqqa province disclosed on Tuesday that simultaneous with the significant advances of the pro-government forces in the Western and Northern parts of the province in recent days, a large number of foreign fighters of the ISIS fled the battlefields to find shelters in other provinces or even in Iraq.

"The ISIS fighters, including those from Saudi Arabia and Chechnya, have departed the ISIS. They have left alone their comrades after the victories, the Syrian Armed forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), gained against the Takfiri group near al-Tabaqa airbase and Tishrin dam," the sources said, adding, "The ISIS has forbidden access to fresh news about the developments in the battlefields."

"Talking about news over the defeats of the ISIS in the battlefront can end in death penalty for ordinary people in Raqqa," the sources said, FNA reported.

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